Happiness Gardener

Allegra’s Lovers

Better in Memory

Gerald could place his hand on a stack of Bibles and swear that he truly loved his wife without fear of being struck by lightning because in truth he loved that woman within the depths of his heart.

The numerous affairs? They were merely physical attractions played through to their natural conclusions. He had no choice, really. What was a man to do with a wife who sadly looked so much better in his memory and in photographs than in person?

The Diary Entry

At Her Behest

Miserable Meal


Milland had never been an indecisive man, always knowing exactly what he wanted and pursuing it without a moment’s hesitation or second guessing his actions. But now he found himself torn between the love in the eyes of his wife and the weapon in the hands of his mistress.

Muse For Sale

WRITER’S MUSE FOR SALE: Well-worn around the edges. Ridden hard and hung up wet. Can handle whining insecurities. Willing to trade for a large meat lovers pizza and a domestic 6-pack.

Everything Put Together Falls Apart

To the outside world, they appeared to be the perfect couple who had been together so long they began resembling one another. Within the microcosm of their relationship, however, they were beset on all sides by ever-mounting difficulties, which by working as a team, they were able to overcome.

Were this a movie, the hardships they endured would have cemented their relationship forever and paved the road to their happily ever after, but sadly, as was sometimes the way with life, everything put together eventually falls apart.

The Inescapable Truth

After years of torture, Monsieur Rousseau managed to escape his captor and her dungeon of torment, but now, in the calm of his newly acquired freedom, he was forced to admit to himself that secretly missed the sting of Contessa Chiara Intravartolo’s whip.