Too Long For Instagram: Forgive Me, Please

“It was all a stupid misunderstanding, a horrible accident…you have to forgive me, please!” he begged, tears streaming down his face, but his plea fell on deaf ears. The blood on his hands spoke louder than his words ever could.

Too Long For Instagram: In Flames I See Thee

I do not smoke, nor am I an arsonist; however, I am never without matches, for it is the only time I get to see my late daughter’s face as the flame grows taller, her hair all aflame, just like it always was in the sunlight.

Maurine, Maureen Part 2

The words hung in the air, giving Maurine pause as she considered the implications. Maureen’s eyes widened, and for a moment, the room felt tense. “Have you been reading my diary?”

My Oh So Very Imaginary TED Talk: Becoming A Storylistener

Did you know that a secret ingredient to becoming a master storyteller is right here, right now? You’re all using it! That’s right, I’m talking about your ears. Welcome to my TED Talk on “Becoming A Storylistener”, where we’re about to embark on a journey of listening our way to storytelling greatness.

My So-Called Shakespearean Life

A 100% absolutely true (what would give you cause to doubt me?) day in my life event as transcribed by the immortal bard (written in iambic pentameter, naturally). Enjoy.

The Folds of Love

When the delivery truck pulls up outside the shop, neither of us look out the window. We know exactly who it is. 12:15 pm on the dot…

The Anniversary Meal

As Amantha carefully diced the spleen, she caught herself. Lost in the preparation of the meal, she absently sang a song under her…

The Math of the Moment

There were two things that Evan knew: 1. Mathematics 2. He lived the wrong kind of life…

Beast of the Illusory Moon

He leaned against the chain link fence, covered in less blood than he first imagined and prayed to the moon. Not Luna, the other one…

I Fell Through Hell

Because it was bored and had little else to do but support my head while my body shut down to replenish itself, my pillow took advantage…

Hacked Life

During his regular Wednesday afternoon 10-minute guided energy-cleansing meditation session, the following message flashed on the inside of Brydon’s eyelids: YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN HACKED! Thanks to a programming flaw in the neural chip implanted in your brain, we have hacked it and essentially your life and extracted the databases cataloging the entirety of your being.


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