Rules of Visitation

I almost missed her visit. It was unannounced, unplanned, and unexpected, primarily because I did not believe in ghosts. Not that my belief system mattered for there it was, blending perfectly into the hiss of raindrops pelting the cobblestones outside. Her voice.

She called to me again and again until finally attracting my attention and I turned to see her, pressed against the window glass, lurking like a mist, water beading across her translucent face. I struggled to open the window but could not, wanted to run outside to touch her, to hold her but I was held in place by some unknown force.

It was then that Rosalyn patiently explained, around my unending barrage of questions, the rules of our engagement. We were now a couple united in sorrow and therefore she was only permitted to visit me when the rain fell on the anniversaries of our birthdays, our wedding, and today, the date of her untimely death.

Proper Way To Consider A Spouse’s Idea

When her husband presented his idea, Morganna appeared to consider it but she had actually folded it up tacitly, gracefully, and accurately as she would have pleated a handkerchief of spider’s gossamer, and stowed it away on the highest shelf in her mind.

Early Delivery

If you’ve never been in the presence of pure evil, let me tell you that it’s palpable and overwhelms all your senses because its very nature is too raw for the sane mind to handle. That’s how it was last night, there was this tension in our bedroom, so powerful it woke me from a dead sleep.

That was when I caught an unnatural movement out the corner of my eye. I stumbled out of bed when I saw a tiny gray hand sticking out of my pregnant wife’s stomach. I shrieked as fingernails sharpened to points slowly and deliberately scratched at bloody belly flesh. I covered my mouth and swallowed bile at the same time that I was screaming.

I Cannot Rightly Recall

Her name and face are all but forgotten and the sole recollection I have is a time when she fell into my arms and I inhaled the scent of her shampooed hair. I was aware of how fast her heart was beating against my chest. Why? I cannot rightly recall but I knew it was due to something I said, some offhand comment spoken in the heat of an argument that cut deeper than intended.

Final Thought

Mitchell was sure as bread falls butter side down that there was no way in the world that he could survive the zombie apocalypse but he gave it one hell of a go and managed to outlive not only his family, but his friends and the ragtag group of survivalists he teamed up during his quest to find safe haven.

But all good things must come to an end so when the ravenous undead horde eventually tore through his makeshift security measures, an odd thought struck him:

“Will I taste like chicken?”

My Impossible Love

“I want you,” she said this with absolute sincerity.

The problem? She was my impossible love and it was an unachievable dream for although I could physically phase through any object, I could not pierce the glass barrier between us and enter into the mirror universe.

Secret Identity

“I don’t have the problems most celebrities do because I created a secret identity separating my work and leisure lives.”

“You’re a librarian.”

“Librarian of the month, if you don’t mind, which means I’m recognizable now, so I need my privacy when I go out to buy lingerie for the nights I hang out at local bars trying to score a young buck.”


Better Left Unasked

“I don’t believe you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your husband just walked past us looking like he stepped out of an abattoir, which isn’t exactly a normal look for an accountant, and you don’t seem fazed by it at all.”

“Well, it’s not the first time.”


“Lately, Hughie’s been coming home bloody every night.”

“And you never thought to ask him why? Or what’s going on in his life?”

“Uh-uh. My Mama taught me early on that sometimes the secret to happiness is figuring out which questions you’re better off not knowing the answers to.”

Our First Time

I stepped into the bathroom with a tray filled with rose petals for her bath, a couple of candles to help set the mood and two glasses of champagne to ease the pressure of our first time together. The moment I entered, however, Orelline hid her body beneath the suds of her bubble bath.

“I’m sorry,” I said, immediately regretting my intrusion and turning to leave. “I shouldn’t have come in unannounced. I just thought this would be sort of, I don’t know, romantic? It was stupid of me.”

“No, don’t go, it’s sweet, really,” she beamed a smile that seemed forced. “You just startled me, that’s all.

“Look, if you’re not ready for this, if we’re moving too fast, just say so. I can wait until the time is right.”

“No, it’s not that.”

“Then what is it? And please don’t hand me the it’s not you it’s me line. I’d prefer it if you were just honest with me.”

“But it is me,” Orelline said. “I’m afraid.”

“Of what?”

“I’m afraid that if we make love, your opinion of my supposed beauty will change drastically.”

I studied her face and the peaches and cream flesh of her exposed arms and answered, “Impossible.”

She exhaled slowly and stood up in the bathtub. The soap suds slid down her glistening body, revealing the fact that every inch of her skin that her clothing normally covered was a labyrinthine knotwork of scars. “I’m into a particular kind of sex,” she said, as the tray slipped through my fingers.

Rescue Mission

It was meant to be a rescue mission. One of our interstellar launches that NASA lost all contact with ten years ago finally reentered Earth’s orbit. Astonishingly, the ship still registered human life signs so an astronaut medical team crew was hastily assembled and a billionaire’s self-funded rocket commandeered to expedite the the rescue attempt.

For a mission done on the fly, everything surprisingly went to plan…until the rescue team discovered the zombified bodies of the interstellar crew connected to a bizarre life support system that kept their human hearts beating within their necrotic corpses.

The rescue mission commander immediately called for an evacuation but as the team prepared to leave, extraterrestrial lifeforms came out of stealth mode, closed in fast, and trapped them. The alien intruders forced their way into the humans’ brains, using a primitive mental pictogram code in order to establish a crude hive mind to learn everything they could about Earth’s defenses and their probability of survival in the war that was about to begin.