The Unspooling

How long had it been since the Beginning? Maddox wondered as he watched the spool of space an time uncoil all the way. He could see the end of everything. It was so very sharp and clear. And as the expansion halted, entropy began its descension.

Of course, this was all from his limited point of view for the universe wasn’t coming to an end, he was.

What Friends Are For

Despite the doctors best efforts, Karl’s condition grew worse and his parents made every effort to make his remaining days as comfortable as possible. Even his imaginary friend, King Koda, took a leave of absence from his ethereal kingdom to offer much needed sympathy and support.

Little did the boy know that Koda was actually waiting for Karl’s soul to depart his frail body so that the illusory king could wear his flesh and take his turn in life as a real human boy.

What A Path To Tread

It began oh so small, as most personal tragedies do, with a white lie sprinkled here and there, not to spare anyone’s feelings but simply because Chelsea couldn’t be bothered explaining herself and her peculiarities to those around her.

Now, all these years later, a lifetime of tiny deceits, petty deceptions and random, unnecessary acts of selfishness slowly inched her so far afield from the good person she foolishly imagined she was that Chelsea could no longer spot the path back to being a better or even halfway decent human being.

Finishing Touches

After watching Helena from afar, it became apparent that his wife’s obsession with finishing up the baby’s room had fully consumed her, even months after the miscarriage, and it broke every strand of Jefferson’s heart.

To Each Their Own Brand of Foreplay

Lorna leaned in and slapped me hard across the face. A bump of adrenaline plowed through my system. Then she laced her fingers around my throat and squeezed. I knew I was going to experience reality shifting beneath my feet again, and there was no denying the thrill.

Sideways Thoughts

On the day she officially became a teenager, Annie’s thoughts turned sideways, her mind becoming awkwardly misshapen and filled with fury by the weight of her family and even that of the entire world limiting her, forcing her towards impulsively terrible actions.

Best Served Cold

Royce Ashbernham was a prominent man when he married Isadore Belmont and they were happy until the day he discovered she had been cheating with his cousin and it destroyed him to the core of his being.

Many years down the line, Isadore ran into Royce and was shocked to see he was homeless and begging for money on the street. The regret in her throat was like dropping something precious and watching it fall.

She pledged to help him get back on his feet again and while her attention was diverted, Royce allowed himself a sly smile. The first stage of his revenge was going swimmingly.

Beyond The Grave

From the leaden sky, big wet snowflakes floated down and softened the dark contours of the cemetery and black umbrellas of the assembled mourners. I stood at the mouth of the open grave and tossed a single rose onto the mahogany coffin my body was meant to be in.

Now the hunt was on to find my would-be murderer.

Collateral Damage

Polly hid within the false security of utter darkness of her closet, tearfully listening to the escalating screams of her parents spitting unadulterated venom at one another. The fight had been going on for hours, same as every night this week, leaving the 10-year-old to drown in the torrent of racing thoughts and fears that when the fight was finally over she might become an orphan.

Creation’s Son

So far, the media isn’t reporting on her technological breakthrough as a result of the corporate leak, but for Sonja, it’s a stark reminder that her artificial son is far too mysterious, dangerous, and unknowable to exist in the public eye.