A Nymph Tale

In a time before writing, when stories were spoken and passed down generation to generation, the most popular involved a forest nymph named Mideia, who was as wise as she was beautiful and as she was the eldest of her kind, the duty of creating the rules by which all nymphs of the forest must abide was bestowed upon her.

In the beginning all the nymphs obeyed the rules and their society was filled to the brim with peace, prosperity and love. But all was not well in the forest for there was a wood nymph, Phelousa by name, who so envied Mideia that she sought to sever the nymph bond with nature and poison the waters of creativity inherent in the green by twisting Mideia’s forest rules and creating a new branch of magic, dark arts that would set the great woodland ablaze and chase her sisters from their home, scattering them to the four winds where they would eventually wither and die being disconnected from Mother Earth’s magic.

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