Chasing Influence

They were young and willing to take ridiculous risks because life had not as yet knocked them on their collective asses enough for them to become disillusioned. They were filled with a strong desire to produce online content and talented enough to come up with original material. The only thing that eluded them was the coveted title of influencer.

One day, while marathoning their way through Alien, Jaws, Jurassic Park and Pitch Black, the team decided they were going to stage their own “monster in the house” movie by breaking into an abandoned government facility and pretending it was Area 51.

It was a brilliant idea and everything went to plan when they live streamed their shoot and shortly thereafter quadrupled their viewership. The only fly in the ointment was that none of them lived to see it. It turned out that although it was not Area 51, the government facility was actually another secret site that conducted torture and experiments on extraterrestrial lifeforms and the ghosts of these aliens were seeking revenge against all mankind and their latest victims came gift-wrapped.

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