The Collector

The moment I allowed my presence to be known, Eddie “The Nooge” produced a small vial of clear liquid, wet his thumb, fore and middle fingers and touched them to his forehead, below the chest, the left side, then the right side. This roach had the nerve to make the sign of the cross in order to anoint himself. The laughter spilled out before I could stop it.

“Wh-what’s so freakin’ funny, Marsden?” Nooge said. The lanky bastard was shaking so hard he spilled half the contents of the vial before securing the cap back on.

“You becoming sanctified out of the blue and thinking holy water’s gonna keep me at bay, Nooge,” I answered. “Am I evil? Sure, sure, sure, but my brand of evil falls on the lawful side of the spectrum and I’m here to reap the malevolent seeds you’ve sown. Time to pay what you owe, pally.”