Explorers of the Unknown

We are more than astronauts, more than astrophysicists, geologists, biochemists, and electrical engineers. We are explorers of the unknown, caretakers of peace and diplomacy, chosen and trusted with the honor of traveling unfathomable distances, powered by the best engineering Earth has to offer, searching the spaceways for our celestial neighbors.

There is no doubt in my mind that the universe was created by a Divine Spirit and human beings are not alone in intelligent existence and we are meant to find and befriend our sisters and brothers in creation otherwise we would not have been granted the knowledge and ability to travel beyond the limits of our planet, our galaxy.

Bearing this in mind, the only question I have is, if we are following our interstellar manifest destiny, why do all the extraterrestrial lifeforms we encounter want to kill us so badly? Can someone explain this simple fact to me, please?