13 for Halloween: The Act That Couldn’t Be Unseen (audio)

It all began, as a great many things do, with a young girl being a nosy parker and snooping on her parents’ computer in a private folder that, in all fairness, should have been password protected. In that folder there was a video clip that ran exactly one minute and fifty-four seconds, the average length of a movie trailer.

It was once believed that homo sapiens only used ten percent of their brains and though that myth had been debunked, the truth of the matter was a region of human gray matter was purposefully made inaccessible as a sanity safeguard. There were things in existence, arcane matters which lived outside the boundaries of mortal ken, that were meant to remain forever unnoticed and unknowable. The video clip featured one of those forbidden subjects.

How her parents came into possession of the knowledge, why they decided to not only engage in but also record an act so heinous that it couldn’t be unseen or unremembered, remained a mystery to this very day.

What the young girl witnessed stripped away her common sense reasoning and even though she knew better, she downloaded the clip to her phone to show her best friend at school the following day, who made a copy and uploaded it to all the popular social media sites. These sites and their corresponding apps suffered an outage in the United States and most of Europe, remaining offline in excess of six hours. As a result, the President of the United States shut down the internet in North America but by then it was too late.

The act had been seen by millions, infecting all who viewed it and the madness was spreading, heralding the resurrection of the dormant Old Gods.

20 responses to “13 for Halloween: The Act That Couldn’t Be Unseen (audio)

  1. I quarantined with my folks and to their credit they are still very affectionate with each other and at times like when we were watching a movie with a love scene and they started cuddling and getting romantic I had to get up and walk out of the room and I’m a grown man, so watching a video with them doing something “heinous” would be totally out of the question.

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    • I think we’re in the same camp, Fernando, only, If my folks started making out in front of me, it would become a scene from Mystery Science Theater 3000 because I’d be heckling them and riffing on what they were doing until they either stopped or sent me to my room.

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  2. You leave the reader hanging. Rhyan, not fair at all. What was in that clip? I thought you’d give it a spin at the end. I hope there’s a part two. And most of the mind should be off-limits. There’s probably too much danger lurking in it. Or just boring bullshit. I wonder…
    Well written. 🙂

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    • You should know me better by now, my dear Miss Gill. I never give anything away, least of all story endings (just ask my readership, I’m sure they’d be happy to explain just how frustrating I can be).

      And who better than you to know about the dangers lurking within the human mind. I doubt you’re ever bored strolling through all your machinations for world domination, controlling the planet one editorial assignment after another.

      You think you’ve gone unnoticed…but I see you for the chimera that you truly are.

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