Tiny Stories: Unappreciated Beauty

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

“What can you tell me of the house’s previous owner?”

“Annabelle Postlewaite? She was a kindly woman.”

“A spinster?”

“Sadly, yes. She possessed a beauty that no one cared to appreciate.”

“I don’t take your meaning.”

“I believe there is a picture lying around…oh, here it is!”

“Dear Lord!”

7 responses to “Tiny Stories: Unappreciated Beauty

  1. Poor woman.
    It’s sad what people had to and have to live with.
    There’s so much suffering. And it looks like it’s increasing every day.
    Like some sort of horrific competition.
    Your words are little but they precisely deliver the message.
    Great going with these tiny tales, Rhyan.
    Please keep them coming. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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