Tiny Stories: Always Find Her Way Home

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

Bláithín always had such a strong belief in promises.

“A promise made is a promise kept,” she used to tell me.

But I, being a proper skeptic, hadn’t actually believed her when she told me, “I will always find my way back home to you. The water will be my guide.”

I will gladly admit that I am a fool and I was wrong, for true to her word Bláithín never failed to visit whenever the rain fell on the anniversaries of our birthdays, our wedding and her death.

One response to “Tiny Stories: Always Find Her Way Home

  1. I like spooky endings.
    Leaves a lot to imagination.
    I guess ‘ till death do us part’ meant something different. A promise to stick around afterwards.
    There’s so much mystery in tiny tales.
    Gives a person a slight taste of shock, fun, and intrigue.
    Good one, Rhyan. 🙂

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