The Crush

Lolsy never believed in infatuation at first sight.

To her, attraction had always been a mental process. Physical beauty was a temporary thing, a pretty wrapping that often disguised an ugly package. Then she met Marleton, a new hire at work, who, at first glance, awakened an inner poet she never knew existed.

To her, this man was that magical type of handsome that seeped into the marrow of her bones, that drew her into the depth of his eyes, which would have been beautiful in any shade, with the siren song of his gentle voice.

When he spoke her name, her mask slipped, the one she wore to keep the world at bay, her heartbeat quickened, and she became lost in lurid fantasies of how she would please his body all over the conference room, on the floor, the chairs, on top off the table, all while her coworkers watched with envy.

She caught herself locking eyes with him constantly, where he would smile and patiently wait for her to initiate conversation, but her vapor-locked brain turned her mute, forcing her to turn away in embarrassment.

At night, she pondered how she could have fallen head over heels for an absolute stranger who was eight years her junior? She had never been interested in younger men before and sincerely doubted they would have had anything in common, so she made it her business to avoid him, but the office was too small for that to work effectively, and all it took was for him to laugh at her weak attempts at humor to be sucked into fantasies about having him on the copier machine, in the break room, in the elevator, and in the parking lot, on top of the cars, again, so all her coworkers could bubble over with jealousy.

And she knew the sex would be spectacular because she was an Aries and he was a Sagittarius, and everyone knew that Aries was ruled by Mars, that red hot passion planet, and Sagittarius was ruled by Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and luck. Their signs tended to look at the world in the same way, and his Sagittarius liked to take risks under Jupiter’s indulgent influence, and her Mars was all about initiative and taking aggressive action. So, why then was she stalling? If she simply took what belonged to her, she knew he would be ready and willing to go along for the ride.

And that was all it took. Lolsy made her mind up to pop the latches on her restraint, as she damned the torpedoes, and went full steam ahead. The following day at work, she marched up to Marleton and told, not asked, but told him that they were going out on a date, and as she suspected, he offered absolutely no resistance with anything she planned for their night together.

When they met at the restaurant, Marleton arrived in casual wear, while Lolsy dressed up sexier than sexy, because she wanted to make her intentions clear. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. This man was going to have to step up his game. She was going to burst onto the scene like a crossfire hurricane, and run him through his paces, and make him feel the way he made her feel from the very start.

All that changed the moment he greeted her and pulled out her chair at the table. Her bravado evaporated, making way for sweet happiness, as they talked and flirted their way through the meal. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and they effortlessly progressed from laughter to kisses, to sweet whispered exchanges, to an Uber ride back to his apartment.

The time for pretense had long passed, so they went straight from the front door to the bedroom. In his presence, in this place, all Lolsy’s foolish notions of being in control melted away. The nearness of Marleton filled her nose with a scent that let her know instantly that he was her drug. His arms wrapped around her back and in one gentle pull, their lips touched and his tongue probed her mouth and she was intoxicated in an instant.

“Whatever you want, you can have,” Lolsy said, trying her damnedest to focus on getting the words out clearly through the heady trance he put her under. “There isn’t a thing I can do to stop you, and I don’t want to stop you.”

With a laugh, Marleton lifted Lolsy off her feet, carried her to the bed, and set her down gently onto the mattress. He stripped her expertly, gingerly, before disrobing himself, and climbing in the bed beside her. His fingers combed through the softness of her hair, before moving along her cheek, down to her neck, and every inch of skin he brushed, his lips blessed that area with a kiss that sent electricity through her body. He went down one side and came up the other, and when they were face to face, they locked eyes. He silently asked for consent and she granted it gladly with a nod. Then he was all business, moving atop her, slotting their bodies together as if they were missing pieces of a puzzle that had finally become whole.

They engaged in amorous congress for hours that seemed like days that seemed like years. When all was finally said and done, a weak and breathless Lolsy smiled and said, “I knew it would be like this.”

“You did?”

Lolsy nodded, “Of course. You’re a Sagittarius.”

“Far more than that, I’m afraid,” Marleton chuckled. “I’m also an incubus.”

Off her confused expression, Marleton explained that he was a demon, of sorts, who engaged in sexual activity with women in order to prolong his life. If she understood or objected, he could not be sure, for Lolsy was too feeble by this point to effectively communicate, but although a demon, he was not a monster. He made her as comfortable as he could manage, as he drained her of every iota of her life force.

39 responses to “The Crush

  1. Wow, what a wild ride that was (no pun intended)! I loved the character names–you’ve got quite a knack for original monikers (seems I recall you telling someone that you keep a notebook of unique names you stumble across). And that ending, such a quick, deft twist… Well done, Rhyan! Glad to read you again. I didn’t get WordPress notifications for your three stories prior to this one so I’ll check them out now. Hope you’re doing well, my friend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Collecting names has become a bad habit. I’ll stop in the middle of an introduction to jot someone’s name down (must make me look like a bit of a loon, but whatever, names don’t collect themselves).

      I think something’s up with my WordPress reader because several people stopped showing up, including yourself, so now I have a lot of manual checking and catching up to do.

      Cheers for dropping by and for the read, Mike, hope things are going well your way!

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  2. Boy oh boy did I know Marleton was trouble from the get go. His chevalier attitude and abundant patience though wonderful, set off the trusty dusty woman’s intuition warning bells. The way you weaved the story is truly something to admire. You flipped it over so perfectly at the very end. Dark and gorgeous, Rhyan! 🙂

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  3. Beautifully written! I really enjoyed reading it because to be honest to me it seemed like it was leading up to a standard romance piece but then you delivered the twist out of nowhere and all I can say is that I loved and enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

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  4. Hooking up with an incubus, or succubus, cause I think that’s the female version, that awakened the inner poet in me and rocked my world? I don’t know about anyone else but I’d be tempted to give it a go. There are worse ways to leave this existence than just after a fantastic romp. Great sex and no more #adulting? Count me in!
    Fantastic story, bro-ham!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bro-ham? Dude, are you channeling 90’s Vince Vaughn?

      You are correct, succubus is the feminine variant and the truth of the matter is if one set their sights on you, you would have absolutely no say in the matter. You’d be overrun with lusty intentions and become a postcoital snack for the demoness, so you’d best enjoy the ride while you’re on it. And you’re right, all things considered, it’s not a horrible way to go out.

      Cheers for the read and comment!

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  5. I don’t care how fine he was, it would have ended at “he was a Sagittarius” because I’m a Taurus and that makes us totally incompatible. I can’t lie, though, I was feeling that kissing her down one side of her body and coming back up the other. If he led with that, Sagittarius or not, my soul would have been sucked, not question about it! Amazing story!

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    • I don’t give any credence to astrology but as a Scorpio, I too am supposedly not compatible with Sagittarius (and Taurus would be a little rocky, as well). The scariest thing about the story to me isn’t the life-draining part but the fact that someone else can manipulate your attraction to them (as happens in real life). Lolsy was fortunate that Marleton treated her with respect, but had he been sadistic, there was nothing she could have done to prevent him from torturing her before she died.

      Cheers for the read and comment, Cuca, much appreciated!

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      • Okay, now let’s define torture because if this was going to be my last rodeo, maybe I’d want a little kink on my mink. I want that old Sagittarius stinkubus and Death to be like: Damn! She went HARD!

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      • Cuca, how you throw down is your own affair. It’s none of my beeswax how you kink your mink (some images never leave the mind). Let your freak flag fly and all that good stuff. I do need to remind you, however, that I’m trying to run a classy joint here, so you might consider downgrading from going HARD in the comments to a nice, comfortable LITE MEDIUM setting. The children may be watching and we don’t want them aging before their time.

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    • Yep, lust can force your hand a bit and make you jump into situations too quickly, especially when there’s a demon controlling your desires.

      I find reading the work of others fascinating. It’s like taking a stroll through someone else’s mind and imagination, and every so often you come across a writer who strings words together in a way that shifts your perception of the way language can work.

      Cheers for the read and compliment, Pearl, and happy writing!

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    • There are so many questions I want to ask you about your incubus relations, Kirsten, but as I am striving to become a more decent person in my old age, I am placing emphasis on observing propriety.

      You’re right, it’s a great name and I happen to have a friend named Lolsy, the most effervescent person I know.

      Cheers for the read and comment!

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  6. Why did I have a feeling that this wasn’t going to end on a bright note? I guess he literally swept her off her feet and sucked the breath out of her. I love how you built up all that oozing passion and desire. It was definitely getting hot and steamy. Had to wipe the computer screen a few times. Haha! You’re a great writer, Rhyan. Once your words begin, the reader can’t resist. 🙂

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