Tiny Stories: I Love The Bones of You

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

Aretha declared her undying love, her voice quivering with trepidation. Had she misread the signs, spoken too earnestly, too hastily? Had she forgotten herself and in a moment of childish infatuation, put the man of her dreams off her completely for making so bold an advance?

Luther’s smile was slow to unfurl and she could not decipher its meaning. Was he aware that she was on tenterhooks, awaiting his response? And if he was, did he delight in toying with her and her affections?

Finally, Luther responded by saying, “I love the bones of you,” and all her fears were instantly allayed.

And this was the truth, only, it wasn’t the complete truth. Luther actually loved Aretha as he claimed, the very bones of her, straight down to the marrow. Unfortunately, it was the only part he truly cared for.

As for the rest of his would-be paramour? Well, he would reduce that in a savory stew which he was positive his neighbors would enjoy immensely.

9 responses to “Tiny Stories: I Love The Bones of You

  1. Hmmm….a tasty tale or a tasteless torturer? You decide! I’d hate to be trapped inside your twisted mind! Seriously, though, I’m really enjoying your stories, even when I don’t totally agree with how they play out. This is one of the more entertaining blog sites because of the range of stories from all different types of genres! Keep up the excellent work!

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    • Actually, it’s up to you to decide, Suranne. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve run out of ways to say thank you but I do appreciate your comments, and please feel free to call me to task if you read a story that falls short. I can take it, I’ve got thick rhino skin.

      Support is more than just clicking a “LIKE” button and issuing bog-standard praise. If we can’t challenge each other to strive for the high water mark each and every time, then what purpose do we really serve?

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      • Very well put, my man. I do agree with Suranne that now and again you go far afield (didn’t suggest ‘far astray’) and I don’t particularly like your wrap. However, much of what I myself write on the fly as it were ends up outside what I’d expected of myself; sometimes it’s a disappointment, sometimes a pleasant surprise. Writing creatively is more adventure than expectation. Good creativewriting pulls a reader back because they are curious to see “what next?” as much as for enjoyment of skillful craft. If I had to write “sunshine” all the time, I’d quit. Keep at it, man, you doin’ good!

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      • It’s a peculiar thing that I don’t like open-ended conclusions in film, but I do like them in stories, because somewhere between the author’s intention and the reader’s interpretation is where a story’s magic lies. Occasionally, someone will fill in a “what’s next?” for one of my stories and it’s interesting to get their take on the situation, which is often nowhere near the neighborhood of my intention.

        As for the fluctuation in quality from tale to tale, Ray Bradbury once said, “Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” Now, I’m not sure if his statement is 100% accurate, but I keep swinging for the fences, anyway, to greater and lesser degrees of success.

        Cheers for the feedback and compliment!

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      • Never meant to imply you did. I’m well aware of the fluctuations and I’m not afraid to cop to it. The stories posted here are mostly stream-of-consciousness writings, exercises to limber up the old gray matter for some “serious” writing. For me, this is therapy on the cheap, a way to clear the story clutter in my mind that threatens to drive me mad on the daily. If folks derive some sort of enjoyment from it, wonderful. If not, that’s perfectly understandable.

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  2. HAHA!
    Poor Aretha!
    If only she didn’t take everything on its face value.
    When he said bones, she should’ve known.
    But then the neighbors would’ve missed a great stew.
    I’m torn between hunger and murder.
    You make it look so good.
    Great job, Rhyan! 🙂

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