Tiny Stories: I Love The Bones of You

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

Aretha declared her undying love, her voice quivering with trepidation. Had she misread the signs, spoken too earnestly, too hastily? Had she forgotten herself and in a moment of childish infatuation, put the man of her dreams off her completely for making so bold an advance?

Luther’s smile was slow to unfurl and she could not decipher its meaning. Was he aware that she was on tenterhooks, awaiting his response? And if he was, did he delight in toying with her and her affections?

Finally, Luther responded by saying, “I love the bones of you,” and all her fears were instantly allayed.

And this was the truth, only, it wasn’t the complete truth. Luther actually loved Aretha as he claimed, the very bones of her, straight down to the marrow. Unfortunately, it was the only part he truly cared for.

As for the rest of his would-be paramour? Well, he would reduce that in a savory stew which he was positive his neighbors would enjoy immensely.