Tiny Stories: Contract Renegotiations

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

Esmee Fernsby took an interest in law from an early age, could stand her ground in an argument, was thorough in her research and work, and excelled in the written word, as well as spoken. So, who better to represent her contract renegotiations than herself?

She explored loopholes, sited rulings on previous cases which supported her argument, tried every single trick in her legal law repertoire, and her closing argument was concise, on point and strong.

The devil gave Esmee a slow clap for her brilliant performance before letting out a slow breath and saying, “The rules you originally agreed to are very clear and inflexible. You made a deal for and were granted beauty, health, and success in exchange for your firstborn. The fact that you never anticipated having a child and growing attached to it is not my concern.”

“Can I at least have my daughter through college? After all, what does a few years matter to the likes of one such as yourself?”

Esmee was also not one to accept defeat easily and if the Devil agreed, she would plot out a course for a profession with the longest schooling possible. This, of course, would give her a chance to rethink her strategy and work out a better defense in the future.