Tiny Stories: Inside Me Lives A Demon

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

I tried to warn her but she was locked into the foolish belief that she could change me, the way women did when attempting to sculpt their Prince Charming from damaged earth and manure.

This was not to say that I did not appreciate her efforts, for she was kind and sweet but also terribly unwise. She assumed I was being humble when I told her I was not worth the effort because she believed she knew me despite my forceful assurances that she most certainly did not.

Not truly.

Inside me there lived a demon. It had no name of its own so it shared mine. Someday, I hoped to live in harmony with this hellborn creature, unleashing it only when needed, but today it ruled me, governing my actions, quenching my deep-seated thirst for violence and misery.

And now it mocked me with its laughter as I sat in the entrails of an angel who sought nothing more than my redemption.

8 responses to “Tiny Stories: Inside Me Lives A Demon

  1. What a scary set up: and yet how many people do we come across each day that live with similar demons inside them just waiting for an excuse to be set free? The great thing about these tiny stories is although the word count is low, the lasting thoughts they leave are humongous!


    • No truer words have been spoken, Suranne. We never know what demons the people we interact with on a regular basis are dealing with, sometimes even loved ones with smiles on their faces.

      I appreciate the comment and your taking the time to read my bits of random literary miscellany! Cheers!

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  2. The frightening thing is I know someone who gets like this when he decides he doesn’t need his medication. He’s the kindest man when he’s leveled out.

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    • Allow me to apologize if this story triggered you in any way for that was not my intention.

      I know the struggle of dealing with someone with a chemical imbalance, as well as the guilt and grief for sometimes feeling anger toward the abusive stranger that’s wearing the face of a loved one.

      I wish you and your loved one well. I sincerely hope things get easier. They sometimes do.

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  3. Your story reflects a common dilemma faced by many women when looking for a loving relationship.

    “the way women did when attempting to sculpt their Prince Charming from damaged earth and manure.”

    This line says it all. Blunt and brutal but true.
    Are inner demons just an excuse for being a born a**hole?
    I think it might be.
    Cheers to another wonderful tale, Rhyan. 🙂

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