Tiny Stories: Penny Century

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

If ever a person’s monicker did exactly what it said on the tin, it was Penny Century.

She was the first baby born this century in a daisy field who grew to a certain age and never looked a day older even as family and friends withered and died around her.

As her 100th birthday approached, she weaved herself a bikini made of daisies to commemorate her birth place, stood in her backyard, lantern in hand with her trusty dusty companion, Skip, and welcomed the turn of the century with open arms.

And she was damn well determined to add another 100 notches to her belt.

11 responses to “Tiny Stories: Penny Century

  1. Such a thoughtful story, well I would say more of a poetry. So simple and light to the ears, but filled with deep emotions and hidden meanings. The ancient desire to live forever, to be immortal brought forward in a total new and fresh manner. Just loved it.

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  2. I couldn’t think of anything more desirable than being an immortal. Imagine being able to meet all your descendants and experiencing their lives with them. How amazing would that be?

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    • I suppose living an exended existence could have its benefits, especially if your perception of time altered, where months seemed like days.

      And tracking generations might be interesting for awhile until it lost its luster, especially when history began repeating itself, or worse yet, began to decline (which is the feeling I’m getting at the moment).

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  3. Penny Century stands true to her name. And she looks hot too!
    Is hundred the new thirty?
    Very creative, Rhyan. You bring eternal youth to life with a daisy twist.
    May Penny bask in more bikinis and see another century easily. 🙂

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