Tiny Stories: Extension of Me

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

 I am beside myself

Where was the dividing line between genius and madness? Between passion and obsession? Somewhere within that neutral zone was where my father spent most of his life.

He was born with an inquisitive mind and his thirst for knowledge led him down the trail of the sciences. Not contented to mimic the old world experiments of his mentors and colleagues, he struck out on his own and carved a new path into the exploration of what he called the human genome.

The scientific community, responsible for the breakthroughs that propelled the human race to the top of the food chain, was also surprisingly close-minded when it came to new concepts that could not be proven by old mathematics. Thus was my father mercilessly mocked, ridiculed and labeled a mad scientist for his preposterous theories of designing the perfect human being in utero and supplanting the Almighty by replicating life within a test tube.

Despite being dismissed as a lunatic, he was a stubborn and dedicated man who continued his research even as his health declined. It was not until his deathbed that my father, branded a failure his entire life, finally found success.

And now I am beside myself.

6 responses to “Tiny Stories: Extension of Me

  1. I don’t like this at all. Not the story, you did an excellent job as usual. I mean the fact that there’s a duplicate me, that I’m not unique anymore. That’s too creepy to even consider!

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    • I can’t say that it wouldn’t unnerve me to come face to face with a physical replica of myself, but I wouldn’t consider it to be a duplicate me. It wouldn’t have the knowledge, personality and life experiences that make me unique.

      If I felt any affinity toward it/him (if that was the pronoun it/him chose) I could possibly take the clone under my wing and it would become a little brother.

      If I didn’t, the clone would grow to be their own person that I would avoid…or I’d keep it around and raise it to think that its divine purpose was to be my personal organ donor (makes for a much more interesting story).

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