Auntie’s Little Secret

She hadn’t needed to surf dodgy websites in pursuit of self-gratification because telepathy was Annabelle’s internet porn. One peek into a stranger’s seemingly innocent thoughts allowed her to slip behind the velvet curtain of desire, leading her down a delightful rabbit hole of dirty little sexual secrets and it was all fun and games until she accidentally peeked into her aunt’s mind and found scenario after scenario of herself in various forms of bondage, being subjected to things she wouldn’t have done to her worst enemy.

Mandy Smells of Rain

Mandy smells of rain when she cries. Teardrops fall from sky blue eyes and I splash in their puddles as I rush to comfort her. I have ruined many a pair of shoes this way, but I don’t care. She is not mine, though I wish the opposite were true and I am not the cause of her sorrow but I will be the earth beneath her, the foundation of support that absorbs her precipitation.

Laying Claim

A cool summer’s breeze carries with it something quite unexpected, a voice which calls me by a name I have not heard in centuries. As I turn, I am hit by a wave of pure magic that blows me off my feet and sends me hurling backward. Normally, I am immune to the effects of magic but my assailant somehow knows my birth name.

I lay on the ground powerless as a figure steps from the shadows. My sister, thought to be long dead, has come to take the throne.

Sealed With A Kiss

It wasn’t until Pauline slipped on a patch of black ice and suffered massive head trauma that she discovered the truth that we, everyone of us, were all blessed or cursed with a destiny, a role that must be fulfilled as part of the grand design of the universe. The fall unlocked a memory of being visited at a very young age by her guardian angel, who whispered her path into her tiny ear before pressing its genderless lips to her forehead, thus sealing her fate.

The Neglected Half

“Gettin’ yersel’ a good education an’ havin’ a career is fine an’ all, but yer real purpose in life ista find yer udder half,” her sin-seanmháthair said.

“And I need this other half, do I, Nana? And what do you reckon happens to the half my supposed soulmate has no interest in, that he considers to be less than?” Niamh hadn’t meant to snap at her great-grandmother like that but her personal goals had always been so much grander than rushing into a relationship for fear of being alone. She wanted to be a full person, complete within herself and she refused to have half herself wither from neglect.