The Versatile Blogger Award

Hmmm, my very first blogger award nomination. What a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t aware something like this even existed. I’d like to thank Lara S. Chase over at In Progress: A New Author Navigates the World of Publishing for nominating me. It’s an honor to know that she not only occasionally enjoys my posts but also took the time to nominate my blog.

According to the rules:

Well, I’ve thanked Lara, so that’s sorted (check out her blog, it really is an interesting ride). Now I have to name:

My Nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award


And finally:

Seven Things About Myself

  1. Although I love to read, watch and write horror, I do not, even in the tiniest sense, believe in the paranormal, supernatural, or the occult. I do, however, believe in loonies, cultists and serial killers, so that should give me some sort of horror street cred.
  2. I once owned a tom cat named Buster Crabbe Unit Active Missile Warhead, who met his untimely end doing battle with a boxer (the dog-type, not the Balboa-type, though that would’ve made for a better movie than Rocky V).
  3. A former anime junkie, now I am tragically addicted to UK telly and in severe need of an intervention. I even watch Big Brother UK and the addiction has spread to Big Brother Australia. Don’t judge me!
  4. I absolutely despise the use of CGI in movies, especially when used to animate humans in a live action setting.
  5. Although the internet has made things digitally easier, I miss swapping videotaped TV programs with my friends, especially episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  6. I was once contacted by a man who claimed to own the licensing rights to Sybil Danning (an Austrian actress who starred in a lot of ’80s cult, science fiction, and action B movies) and he tried to rope me into a 5 year comic book deal (I was a comic book publisher at the time).
  7. I firmly believe that despite how intelligent we are as a species, we are not clever enough to know our origins, nor that of the planet or the universe.

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