Tiny Stories: Our First Time

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

I almost passed on the blind date. I mean, when had that sort of thing ever really worked out? A friend who claimed they knew you, your tastes, and your interests, matching you up with your soulmate? In reality, all it really amounted to was pushing two single strays together to avoid being the couple saddled with a fifth-wheel friend.

But the moment I saw her, Orelline, my blind date, I knew two fundamental things at the exact same time (1) that I was punching above my weight class because she was phenomenally out of my league, and (2) I would be so nervous and foul things up so badly that this would be our one and only date.

And I was nervous, embarrassingly so, and clumsy, and tongue-tied, and trying way too hard to seem more interesting than I actually was. I replayed that night over in my head at least a thousand times, cringing at every fumble and misstep, and for the life of me, I could not understand why this stunningly gorgeous woman agreed to a second date.

I wish I could say that the second date went better than the first, but whatever small measure of confidence I had amassed over the years abandoned me completely. I floundered like an insect drowning in yogurt. And when the date ended and I saw her to her door, I was prepared to apologize for, well, for being me, for not being good enough for her, and I probably would have stammered my way through that speech, that I had been mentally preparing on the way to her house, had she not shut my thought processes down…with a kiss.

By date eight, we had forgone the need for meeting in a restaurant or catching a movie, or going to the theater. Instead, Orelline insisted that I come to her place and bring a change of clothes. I would not allow myself to presume what that meant but I secretly prayed that what I thought might happen would indeed happen.

Her text notified me of the key under the mat and when I let myself in, I discovered a trail of rose petals, lit by a row of candles that led to her bathroom. I had brought with me a bottle of champagne to help ease the pressure of our possible first time together and made a detour to the kitchen in search of glasses.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar so I entered but upon seeing me, Orelline hid her body beneath the suds of her bubble bath.

“I’m sorry,” I said, immediately regretting my intrusion and turning to leave. “I shouldn’t have come in unannounced. I just thought this would be sort of, I don’t know, romantic? It was stupid of me.”

“No, don’t go, it’s sweet, really,” she beamed a smile that seemed forced. “You just startled me, that’s all.

“Look, if you’re not ready for this, if we’re moving too fast, just say so. I can wait until the time is right.”

“No, it’s not that.”

“Then what is it? And please don’t hand me the it’s not you it’s me line. I’d prefer it if you were just honest with me.”

“But it is me,” Orelline confessed. “I’m afraid.”

“You’re afraid? Of what?”

She couldn’t meet my eyes. “I’m afraid that if we make love, your opinion of my supposed beauty will change drastically.”

I studied her face and the peaches and cream flesh of her exposed arms and answered, “I can’t imagine a scenario in which that would be even remotely possible.”

She exhaled slowly and stood up in the bathtub. The soap suds slid down her glistening body, revealing the fact that every inch of her skin that her clothing normally covered was a labyrinthine knotwork of scars.

“I’m into a particular kind of sex,” she said, as the champagne flutes slipped through my fingers.

38 responses to “Tiny Stories: Our First Time

  1. “Every inch of her skin that her clothing normally covered was a labyrinthine knotwork of scars” – MaHOOsive dealbreaker. I don’t think you’re ready for that jelly! Interesting set up and of course, you leave me wanting to know how it all worked out.

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    • I wouldn’t let a little thing like scars deter me. Scars are an indication of a life lived.

      Certain jellies are to be avoided because they can land you in a jam.

      And I leave you wanting more because I want you to come back.

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  2. I wonder what that ‘particular kind’ is…
    Oh, I’m not a child that I can’t ask. This had to end with a question mark. And that’s what gives the reader that appropriate startle and the urge to know – what the hell happened! You’re on a roll, Rhyan. And I’m curious to know – how much of this story is truth and how much is fiction? Awesome writing! 🙂

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  3. If something seems too good to be true…..you know there’s got to be a catch. So, is kinky sex worth the trade off for having a trophy girlfriend? Interesting dilemma!

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  4. I liked the story. I am reminded of a joke about two loners and their particular brands of sex. After a lifetime as a corporate musician, I get the fiction basis in fact. But – and I ask this not as a sniper but someone who helped bring the first AI modelling hybrid digital piano to market, what is the infatuation with text to audio? Even the best are horrible for anything other than training videos. The inflection is so bad they’re not even all that good as an editing/assessment tool. Oh well. Good story. God knows I love the return to shorter fiction.

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    • I absolutely agree with your assessment of the limitations of text to audio technology, Phil. In truth, I only provide the audio for one English-as-a-second-language reader who finds it helpful to hear the pronunciation of words as she reads along. It’s such a little thing to offer for someone who bothers to take the time to read my posted scribblings. I’d read the stories myself but I’m not that comfortable recording my lisp.

      Most of the stories I post here are stream-of-consciousness warm-up exercises to rev up the engine for some “serious” writing and since internet attention spans grow shorter by the day, quickie tales seem to be a better way to get my mental meanderings read.

      Thank you for reading, for the compliment, and for your input, they’re all greatly appreciated!

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