The Unattended

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The tickets had been sold and patrons rushed to seek their pleasures, some to behold wonders that defied the laws of science and the boundaries of imagination, others drawn by things supernatural and metaphysical, but one lone bedraggled man was unaffected by the Barker’s siren call.

He stood at the precipice of the Madd Carnival’s entrance, careful not to cross the threshold, staring at a sign that read:

His suit was threadbare, hanging off his unhealthily thin frame, and its pale gray color made his long features look sallow. He pointed at the sign and said, “I am here for this.”

“We’ve just opened, sir,” the Barker said, staring into the man’s faded blue eyes that seemed to be filled with more death than life. “You couldn’t have left a child…”

“No, I was left, years ago, and I’d like to see Madame Destiny, please.”

If the barker was caught off-guard by the man’s statement, he showed no sign, he simply said, “I happen to be excellent with faces and yours doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Neither does yours, so you can’t have been here long, but I’m widdit, you can bank on that. Or you can ask Madame Destiny, she’ll establish my bona fides.”

Widdit was carny slang used to let midway agents and talkers know that the person was with it, or that they worked at the carnival, so the Barker dropped the politeness act and asked, “What’s yer business, mack?”

“Recompense. I come to collect what I am owed.”

The Midway

Continued from here

The booming, melodious trill of the Madd Carnival Barker’s voice traveled impossibly to all the neighboring towns and villages, rousing patrons young and old, which was basically anyone with even the tiniest smoldering ember of the youthful belief in magic in their hearts, from their houses and his witty banter delivered in poetic cadence, aided by the hypnotic designs sewn into his ostentatious suit, lured them all wide-eyed down the colorfully lit midway, like the rubes they were and most likely always would be.

The Madd Carnival

In the month that shares its root with the octopus, where the days are flush with falling leaves and chilly weather, winds through tree branches scream “Yowza! Yowza!” announcing the arrival of the Madd Carnival which has appeared in a vacant lot from seemingly nowhere.

Name Not Nature

“There’s certainly no denying that life dealt you a bad hand, losing your mom and dad in that car accident,” Rose said to her sulking niece. “But you still have family who love and care about you, so while we can never replace your parents, you’ll never be alone unless you choose to be. And if nothing else I say sinks in, I hope this will: Blue is your name, not your nature. Inside and out, you’re the type of beautiful that lasts forever. So, I hope you find your way back to us through this dark cloud because we’re all in desperate need of a rainbow.”

Vodka Memories

The wasp-Infused Shochu muted the volume on Hinata’s current situation and as she drank she dwelled in the memories of better, less complicated times while her subconscious worked feverishly to resolve the issue of disposing of the corpses of her unfaithful husband and his sōpurando lover.

To All Things An Ending

It was a universally known truth that all things must come to an end, still Death never expected his own passing to be counted among these finalities, but now, in his remaining moments, he finally understood loss and cried blood tears for all the lives he had so callously taken.

Fear Nothing You Can Name

Rory had the strictest of fathers who raised him to fear nothing he could name and he remained fearless until he met she who would become his soulmate, an unnatural beauty who set up her domain within the very heart of his nightmares and who had no given name.

The Lone Astronaut

No one could understand why Laurence was fixated on Patricia because they were unable to view her through his eyes. To him, her raven hair was the night sky, her alabaster face was the moon, and he was the lone astronaut forever caught within her orbit.

Necessary Separation

Arquette didn’t believe in things outside himself, things that couldn’t be proven like the existence of supernatural phenomenon, extraterrestrial visitation, a higher being or prophecies, that is until he happened to glance into Marcella’s eyes and spied a timeless sequence of events which separated their reincarnated selves from one another in order to preserve the existence of the human race.

The Skintimacy Meadow