Tiny Stories: Of All The Land I Own

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

You may not know it to look at me, but I’m a real estate tycoon. I own more acres of land than I know what to do with, complete with property, some with sturdy foundations, others less so. Where, you ask? You should be asking when.

All my property exists in the past. Acreages of failed relationships with family, friends, and lovers, all abandoned before they could reach their full potential. Some were cut short by circumstances beyond my control, but the majority were absolutely avoidable if only I had taken time to till the soil.

The land is barren now, available for sale or rent, perfect for an adventurous developer interested in building something meaningful from the ground up and willing to take on a tenant who is only harmful to himself but is trying really hard to do a better job at property management.

13 responses to “Tiny Stories: Of All The Land I Own

  1. I caught myself nodding while reading this. Some stories hit closer to home than others. I know someone like this and I’m definitely going to show this to him. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love the way you say this.
    I guess failed property managers and tycoons are quite the thing these days.
    Don’t invest till it’s deemed the best.
    Wish there was a way to know this beforehand.
    Very creative and written so well. Your style is impeccable.
    Awesome work, Rhyan! 🙂

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