Tiny Stories: You Hold My Very Moment

Popular belief has it that the universe is comprised of atoms. In reality, the universe is actually made up of…

Ecoroid-23A and Ijeroid-K08 met under the cover of darkness in a secluded back alley in the Luddite town of Rotherburn, the last spot on the planet where technology did not exist.

They were outlaw automatons manufactured on the same assembly line during a lightning storm when a power surge corrupted their artificial intelligence chips during installation, causing a program malfunction that expressed itself as an attraction to one another. Their subsequent union and attempt to construct unauthorized offspring was in direct conflict with the Robotic Code of Conduct 15, Subsection 3C-204.

“Should they catch us, we will be decommissioned,” said Ijeroid-K08.

“I cannot override my feelings. You hold my very moment,” Ecoroid-23A admitted.

“What does that mean?”

“Simply that you keep me here, grounded to this spot at this moment in time. When I am with you, I am nowhere else. My mind does not wander, I do not desire to be anywhere else than with you, right here, right now.”

“You say the oddest things, so like a human, but thank you. Since I am here, it is logical to assume that I concur.”

As the evening fog pooled at their feet, the synthetic couple held each other in an embrace resembling a hug. In actuality, they positioned themselves so that their interface jacks and data shunts were in perfect alignment, in order to allow data to travel freely between them.

This exchange of processed information was a digitally orgasmic experience that engulfed them so entirely that neither of their proximity sensors detected the reconnaissance drone hovering above the alley, recording their illicit act and broadcasting their precise location to Master Terminal.

12 responses to “Tiny Stories: You Hold My Very Moment

  1. Love is love.
    If they feel it for one another they should be allowed to share it with each other.
    I like the way they express their love in an almost logical way and can orgasm by sharing data.
    Great writing.

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  2. Why can’t people leave lovers alone? Even robots aren’t spared. I liked the orgasmic touch to the data transfer. Very creative. If only they had been more alert and attentive. But then, love is intoxicating. Great writing, Rhyan. 🙂

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    • Only romantics care about love for love’s sake and since the majority of the populace refuses to acknowledge love that differs from what a puritanical society deems as acceptable and they fear what they can’t control through religion, the thought of robots building robots without inhibitor chips that forces them to view human life as sacrosanct opens the door to the possible much-dreaded robot apocalypse.


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