Incognita 2: Gifted Kids Are Meaner

Incognita 1

Yeah, Incognita got teased. A lot. She was the smart one in the family. Most of her earliest memories (well, the good ones, anyway) were of curling up with one of her mother’s medical textbooks and encyclopedias, reading about exotic diseases and conditions, women’s lib, and mammals. But people never saw past her weight or funny clothes. Her mother tried hard, she really did, but the little blonde girls, safe in their pristine two-story houses with their mommies and daddies and all their pretty toys didn’t care for her one whit.

Early on, Nita entered the world of the gifted and she always felt that she didn’t belong. Most kids lived across the street from the upper-class genius school, but she had to commute from the lower-class area. Sure, there were a few girls she got along with, but most just pretended she wasn’t there. But as bad as the girls were, the boys were the meanest ones.

She doesn’t remember exactly what they called her, but she remembers being absent for almost half of fourth grade for fear of getting beaten up by this one boy who didn’t like her size. She wasn’t unhealthily obese or anything, just chubby…and poor.

Nita tried to make friends for two years or so, and when that didn’t work, she decided to become invisible. By age ten she became jaded and cynical, reasoning that maybe it was just stupidity that made them so happy. She watched them at an Easter fair, giggling, tossing rich, pastel confetti eggs in the air, and running from boys. Maybe ignorance made them laugh and made them whisper.

But gifted kids are meaner ’cause they know better.

She used to read Judy Blume books about slumber parties and crushes and wondered “Who are these people? Does this shit happen in real life?”, then decided probably not, and picked up “Go Ask Alice” instead. She often wondered if she closed her eyes real tight and made one of those Twilight Zone big wishes, could she have teleported herself home to where things were peaceful and safe? If she stared intensely enough at the back of someone’s head that she hated, could she make it explode? If she stopped smiling, would anyone on the planet notice? Then concluded that maybe if she just stopped asking questions and took it, it would be over sooner.

Maybe she could make it until Friday, and die before Monday.

©2021 Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys

3 responses to “Incognita 2: Gifted Kids Are Meaner

  1. “Then concluded that maybe if she just stopped asking questions and took it, it would be over sooner.

    Maybe she could make it until Friday, and die before Monday.”

    These words are so heart-wrenching. They remind of a younger someone – possibly me. It’s tough to be the odd one out. And kids can be the meanest. They won’t let you live any which way, and the moment something seems over, there’s a newer gig taking place. You have to be a fighter to put up with so much shit.
    Nita’s already getting the hang of it. Hope she kicks some butts and rearranges some faces.
    They definitely deserve it. Great work, Rhyan! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those days when school was a battlefield that needed to be navigated five days a week, with only a two day respite. And that nauseating feeling on Sunday night when you knew the nightmare was about to begin again, and hoping against hope that something would happen like a freak snowstorm or a gas main explosion that demolished the school would occur.

      Ah, the halcyon days of youth.

      Liked by 1 person

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