Wednesday Hashtag Story Tweets


How long had it been since the Beginning? Maddox wondered as he watched the spool of space an time uncoil all the way. He could see the end of everything. It was so very sharp and clear. And as the expansion halted, entropy began its descension.


As his fever grew worse, Karl’s imaginary friends gathered around his bed in mock sympathy and support. They were actually waiting for his soul to depart his frail body so that one of them could wear his flesh and take their turn in life as a real human boy.


I was 14 years old when the authorities and my parents stopped looking for me, or so my captor told me. He would bring me the daily paper and let me watch the news to confirm the search was over. And I wept all day long, knowing I was only two houses down from my home.


“We must save my precious Anna before it is too late!”

“Do not be a fool, Vladamir, that is not your daughter! It is the abyss in the shape of a little girl and its soul is the grimoire detailing all the evil workings in the history of mankind and beyond!”

©2018 Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys

Creative Commons License

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