Damon Knight’s Three Reasons Why He Shouldn’t Have Written A Book On Writing

  1. Writing can only be learned, not taught.
  2. Even if it can be taught, you can’t learn to write by reading a book.
  3. Even if you can learn that way, you may stifle your creativity by learning too much about processes that should be spontaneous and automatic.

creating short fiction

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What idiot would shoot himself in the foot like that?” The answer? A smart one. The three reasons listed above open the introduction of his book, so that he can acknowledge that tired old “you can’t teach writing” chestnut that comes up all the time, before offering possible workarounds. If you’re into writing short fiction and you haven’t read Damon’s book yet, I suggest you snag yourself a copy.

Sally forth and be writeful.

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