Simple Anatomy of a Plot Outline


Somewhere between the synopsis and the treatment lies the plot outline, also known as a one page. Typically one-to-three pages in length, the plot outline is the bare bones of your story before it’s fleshed out with action description and dialogue.

Although there are no hard and fast rules on the level of detail that should be included, a standard plot outline generally contains:

  1. The protagonist and their goal.
  2. The antagonist and their goal.
  3. The supporting cast and their main wants.
  4. The five major plot points (as mentioned in a previous post)
  5. The order of events and sequences.
  6. A list of scenes that properly convey the story.

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  3. Dear Madd Fictional,
    We are an educational textbook publisher and our author would like to use the Plot Outline graphic organizer in his textbook. If this is possibly, please let me know to whom I may send a formal request.
    Thank you,
    Carrie Gehl
    Senior Rights and Permissions Specialist
    Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

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