The One Rule

Bernadette, having been warned well in advance about Bryce’s uncanny and innate ability to ensnare members of any gender in his web of seduction, girded her loins just before the interview. She attempted to train her eyes on her list of questions and the point on his face just between his eyes, softening her focus as she addressed him directly. But the truth of the matter was she wanted to look. She hadn’t believed that this diminutive and frankly quite ordinary man had any sort of charisma, let alone the power to beguile even the weakest of minds.

There was only one rule in being granted the interview, Do not look him directly in the eye, and in less than a minute she had broken that rule, gazing into the most exhilarating green eyes in existence. His plain face became an immaculate work of art that ran through every aspect of her mind. She was instantly and utterly consumed by fantasies of kissing his lips that seemed so tender, pink and inviting, of running her fingers through the obsidian silk of his hair, of caressing his pearlescent alabaster skin, of letting him inside her, not physically, that would come later. She knew he wanted access to the core of her being. He wanted to absorb her very soul and she was happy to let him.

Text and audio ©2019 Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys

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