Honeymoon Jitters

At first I thought it was a statue but quickly reasoned the idea away. Why would anyone break into my honeymoon suite and place a statue in my bed? As a practical joke it was pretty lame, especially for my friends. Then I noticed the statue bore a striking resemblance to my newlywed bride but the flickering light from the numerous candles placed around the room cast eerie shadows that made her youthful skin look tough and scaly and her mouth seemed wrong somehow, longer than it should have been.

“Is this some sort of cosplay kink thing?” I asked. “Because I’m totally into it but give a guy a little heads up so I can get into character, you know?”

No reply, no movement, and no way she could have gotten kitted up like that so quickly. I couldn’t have been in the bathroom more than five minutes. My senses screamed something wasn’t right here and that was when my fight or flight response kicked in and I pivoted on my heels for the door.

I heard the rustling of sheets and something shot past me on all fours and blocked my path to the exit. Before I could say anything or scream for help, my wife’s elongated snout snapped shut around my neck.

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