An Unexpected Trip

There’s no story today, chiefly because while my mind was idle, I took a detour down memory lane. By nature I’m not the sort to sit and dwell on the days of yesteryear but perhaps because the pandemic has robbed me of a summer and will most likely rob me of the upcoming seasonal holidays, I found myself sifting through memories of people I haven’t thought about in years, people I fell out of touch with, not because of any sort fall out or disagreement, they simply evaporated from my life while I was busy focusing on adulting issues.

I say there’s no story today, but that’s not completely honest. I am filled with memories and good memories are like good stories. I’m just not ready to share any of those today.

So, be in good health, stay sane and safe, and keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled for the light at the end of this unfortunate tunnel.

3 responses to “An Unexpected Trip

    • Despite the appearance my daily posts present, I’m in the exact same boat. It’s easy to slap together a couple of sentences using a picture prompt but when it comes to substantial writing, my creative gas tank needle is resting on “E” and I’m running on vapors. And I wouldn’t sell your blog post writing short. You average 30-40 likes per post (a helluva lot more than me) and people interact with you so your unique voice resonates with readers. I’m am the exact wrong person to offer any sort of advice but slog your way through, keep doing what you do and I believe you’ll eventually hit your stride. Just my two cents.

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  1. Well aren’t you sweet! Thank you kindly. Perhaps we all appear less affected than we really are – gotta stick together and lift each other up. 🙂

    Thank you for you nice response to my comment. And keep writing. 😊


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