Abigail’s Time

As written in The Book of Life, the time had finally come when Abigail Loughly was scheduled to die. A stray bullet during the bank robbery pierced her right atrium as she attempted to move a pregnant woman to safety.

A tiny instant before she hit the ground, witnesses reported that Abigail’s body appeared to go out of focus, her clothing springing away in tatters as if the fabric itself had exploded off her and she began a bizarre transformation into a new form that was still recognizably human but somehow more than human.

When she finally came back into focus seconds later, her skin seemed as if it were made of solid light, her torso and extremities had thinned and elongated, all outward traces of gender had fallen away, and her back was now crested by wings which roiled and shifted as they unfurled like white satin sheets in the wind.

“No one else need die this day,” Abigail said in a voice that was more akin to music than speech, as she raised a hand and froze bullets in the air inches from their intended targets.