Childhood Pet Memories

Frank grew up poor and his childhood apartment was so terribly small that he was forced to make pets out of dust bunnies who lived in the imaginary warren underneath his bed and he was inconsolable each time his mother came through for a quick tidy-up with the Dustbuster.

©2019 Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys

2 responses to “Childhood Pet Memories

  1. In Canada, there is a widely adored commercial that aired in the early 80’s featuring “house hippos” that lived beneath our beds and couches and fed upon our dust bunnies. Entire generations of Canadians fell in love with those house hippos and we fall to pieces over stories of dust bunnies in general. Thank you for this one.

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    • There was no way that I wouldn’t go searching for house hippos after learning about them and praise be to the YouTube gods for providing me with visuals:

      Thank you for bringing them to my attention, Jennifer!

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